Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Will this be the last?

My last "required" blog. (sigh) One more thing on a long list of things that I no longer have to do. This semester has been a chore; but then, it seems every semester has been a bigger chore than the last. I guess that is a sign that I am getting closer to the end...and closer to a better beginning. (woot woot)

I am suppose to provide advice to someone who may be writing their first scientific paper. (ha ha ha) Do not procrastinate! Treat the paper like a job, and set time aside specifically for your research and writing. Oh, yeah, and JUST DO IT!

To me, the research is the interesting part of the project: the writing is the work part. A big step is to start your research early. Don't put it off and then find that the subject won't meet the parameters of your rubric causing you to have to start over. Make sure you have picked a subject that will hold your interest, has sufficient materials for you to be able to provide the length you need, and yet won't overwhelm you. I have become very skilled at "last minute writing" and it has to stop. I am better at writing when under pressure, do best when I can get the info from my brain to the paper all at once, and I must teach myself to do this differently.

Life interferes more times than not. If you are older like me, have children (even grown ones)and a husband, and must work while going to school, you must plan for homework and studying. Get it done early and give yourself a chance to breathe.