Monday, April 19, 2010

Do I Plan to Continue My Rants...hmmmm

This week one of the suggestions for our blog is whether we plan to continue our blog after the course is finished. Well, I can probably state within some realm of Who has time? I personally like the TV way too much to take away from any of my "me time" (what little I get) to venture into blogging on a regular basis. And starting next week, I will finally have a full time job compounded with my last three classes of my degree program (excluding my externship that is in July)! WOOT! WOOT! Although, this 20 - 30 minutes of ranting is fairly therapeutic. ;-)

My sister has MS and her "husband" survived several brain aneurysms almost a year ago and she has children "issues" that she must deal with and her husband is home now needing daily care: she blogs almost every day and that amazes me! But for her, it is a simple way to allow all of the friends and family know how things are going. ...maybe it is some therapy too: to rehash the day and keep things in perspective. So far my children (teenagers) have been entertained with my rants, but I have kept those rants slightly ambiguous. To do this regularly, it might have to get a little personal; therefore, I don't think they would be so entertained.

Maybe I'll start a journal for my therapy...hmmmmmm

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