Monday, April 26, 2010


We are finally finished with another semester - well, almost - have 2 pages left on my term paper that I am in a mental block with and one final test. Three classes with numerous written reports, work, and family have been exhausting this time around. But then, I am the consummate procrastinator and time management is NOT my forte.

One of our topic suggestions for this week is whether we feel accomplished or just tired. Once again, are you kidding me?! Who comes up with this stuff?! Do they really want an answer? Puh-leeeez...

I am tired - always tired - and probably will be until October when I am finally finished with school. As for accomplished, I feel I have accomplished something by making it through one more semester without dropping any classes and passing them all with better grades than required. I will probably feel more accomplished when I have graduated, become certified, and found a fulfilling job.

My greatest accomplishment will be when my children are all educated, employed, and supporting themselves. ;-)

An added bonus will be to have a job that will be sufficient to support my husband and me, and he can permanently retire to the couch with his boxed set of M.A.S.H. and a glass of sweet tea.

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